What is unfair dismissal redundancy?!
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Unfair dismissal redundancy is probably going to be unfair if:

  • redundancy was not the genuine purpose behind your dismissal or

  • Your manager did not take after a reasonable redundancy strategy before giving you notice of dismissal or firing your employment.

By and by, in any case, the explanation behind the dismissal being for redundancy isn't debated and most court claims are about whether the business' strategy that has been taken after was reasonable.

Representatives might be naturally unfair dismissal redundancy if determination for redundancy was unfair, or the business does not act decently in the conditions. As a worker you can guarantee for unfair dismissal redundancy on the premise that the dismissal was not procedurally reasonable despite the fact that the reason is a reasonable one. A case of this would be on the off chance that you don't get a letter.

As a business you ought to guarantee you take after a reasonable methodology when making dismissals and London employment lawyers can help you. On the off chance that a claim is fruitful managers will be subject for unfair dismissal notwithstanding redundancy installments. Legally binding redundancy installments are typically counterbalanced against any compensatory grant.

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